American Eagle Jeans: Not made for “Spartan Kicking”

So, today was…awkward. Awkward in a funny way…kinda. I was at a bus stop with two of my good friends; we were waiting for the bus to come for one of us to get on it. We just got out of class, and we were playing around. We were playing around, hitting each other, but as always, I decided to take it to the next level. I stood in front of one of my friends, yelled “This is Sparta!!” and pretended to kick her in the chest. Pretty funny right? Yeah, I thought so too, but as I kicked outward, my pants ripped with such noise, I thought everyone there heard it. I quickly covered up the hole with my bookbag, hoping no one noticed. There was no one looking at me, not even my friends, so I checked the damage. This damage was pretty bad. The rip was virtually dead center of my crotch, and went about a third of the way down my leg. I waited for the female friend to get on the bus and leave before I proceeded to tell my other friend. He laughed, as expected. And to make matters worse, we were all the way downtown. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere near my house. My house was approximatly a 30 minute train ride and a 17 minute bus ride away. All I could do was do my best to cover the hole with my bookbag, and attempt to enjoy the breeze. Was there a lesson learned? Yeah, I’ll be sure to wear shorts or sweatpants the next time I kick (or attempt to kick) someone in the chest. And if I do happen to do it with jeans on, I assure you they won’t be American Eagle brand.The rip was about the size of my hand.

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