At least if it were nightmares I’d be sleeping.

My chest is killing Me. Randomly, for as far back as 8th grade I think, I’ve been getting these random, terrible pains in the center of my chest. Some people say it might just be indigestion, so I never go to the hospital. But this pain is terrible. I’m laying awake in bed, trying to get over these pains. I know what you’re probably thinking, “it can’t hurt that bad if ur posting about it right now”. Wrong. It can, and does hurt that bad. But why am I posting? I downloaded an application on my phone to post  to my blog. I was hoping this would take my mind off the pain. How well is it working? I’m just going to say that, for right now, I don’t agree with that whole “Mind Over Matter” thing.A sight to see of the lack of sleep

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