Love Park: Something out of the ordinary on an ordinary day

I started my college classes on Aug. 31, and have been going downtown every tuesday and thursday since. I always get here a little early, so I go to Love Park to relax until class starts. Ah, Love Park, a place of, well, Love.  Couples come here, and take pictures in front of the sign, as normal, like everyday. Others just come here on their lunch break, some come for the random concerts they have. I came here, with intentions to blog about how relaxing it is, but surprisingly, this isn’t an average day. I don’t know, maybe Philadelphia felt like shaking things up a little bit, but the water foutain here, the water is blue today. Not that ‘natural blue’, but pure blue. It’s pretty nice actually. Kind of mesmorizing. But honestly, when I first saw it, my initial reaction was “Kool-Aid!!”, haha I know, lame right? But in all honesty, it’s very nice. If only the minds of the world could be this pure of a blue. And seriously, I’m tempted to come here tomorrow, just to see if it’ll be another color. Hopefully not red though, the last thing we need is for people to think Moses is screwing with us. Although, peoples’ reactions to that would be kinda interesting…Love Park

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