Tag! You’re pregnant!

Haha, ok. Maybe that wasn’t too much of an appropriate title, but that’s pretty much what’s going on right now. It’s like, some kind of pregnancy epidemic. I’m starting to wonder if it’s contagious, but I’m not worried. I’m a guy! I can’t get pregnant! But what if I did? Well, Walt Disney would be paying me some big time money, haha. (There’s a rumor that Walt Disney would pay the first guy to get preggo a ton of money.) Anyway, back to the topic at hand, why has the pregnancy rate shot up so high? Younger and younger girls are getting pregnant. Some because it’s an accident, but some are intentionally getting pregnant. Do they think it’s a game? “Haha, i’m having a baby, nothin special.” Like, seriously? It’s crazy, but it’s true. Some people actually have that mentality that it’s cool. That children are like dolls that are there just to be dressed up. Forget the whole birthing process. You know, all the possible complications that could potentially arise. It’s truly ridiculous. I don’t have a problem with pregnancy, just don’t like it when it’s for the wrong reasons. But hey, people will be people.

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