The Little Things Give You Away.

That’s a pretty in-depth title if you think about. It could possibly be me on a rant, I could possibly be pissed at someone right now, and as I see directly through them, I am about the reveal who they truly are on this blog. I could just be filled with anger, tears in my eyes, hurt, mad, sad, about to put this person “on blast” on this blog, because they have angered me so, and “the little things are giving them away”, right? Nah, you’re looking for something that isn’t there. I’m fine. “The Little Things Give You Away” just happens to be the title of a Linkin Park song that’s been on my mind all day, and now I’m finally listening to it. As of right now, I feel like, a paradox. Because I told myself earlier “I’m not staying up late tonight”, but I also told myself I would post on this blog, because I haven’t done so like all weekend. Conflict of interests, huh? Well, anyway, nothing new has really gone on in these past few days. Well, SOMEthings have happened, stirring emotion in me, but nothing I could just “mention” in this one post. Here’s some to name, without too much detail for sake of not wanting to waste your time: I was kinda pissed off on Sept. 11th, cause some people apparently think it should be a holiday, I found out two people from my old neighborhood were shot (not killed thank God), within one week, and Obama, coming to Philadelphia, to tell the kids to stay in school. Not going to the schools that need that speech the most though, he went to the best school in the city. Why tell them? They’re not where the problem is. From what I hear, you need to be a good student (B’s and A’s) with no blemishes on your school record (repeated lateness, fights etc) to even be CONSIDERED to get into that school. So…why talk to them? Seems they have their heads on straight. But I apologize, I didn’t mean to talk about that so much. Oh well, I’ve wasted enough of your time for now I guess. Till later, deuces.

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