Can You Feel My Bass?

Probably not, but I want you too. Not in that “im-sneaking-up-behind-you-to-feel-your-butt” creeper way, but in a musical way. Anyone who’s seen my facebook recently (the past 4 days) knows that i’ve been craving to get my hands on a bass guitar, more specifically, an acoustic-electric bass guitar. Now before I continue, I’d like you to go and Google pictures of an acoustic-electric bass guitar. Not because they look “mega-awesome” or anything, but simply because apparently, people don’t know they exsist. Now it’s not that just recently I began wanting to play bass, it’s that just recently I’ve made it publicly known that I want a bass guitar. I’ve been wanting to play bass guitar for probably like the past 2 or 3 years, I just never told anyone, or mentioned it much. But all of the sudden, i’ve been craving to play. Like, literally, wake up and it’s the first thing on my mind. I’ve spent an increased amount of time on youtube recently checking out bass covers for different songs. Oh, and if any specific song can be attributed to my wanting to play bass, it’s “Hysteria” by Muse. That is my overall top favorite rock song. But back to the subject at hand, me getting a bass guitar. I’ve been looking online, found a website, and guitar I want. I’ve been going to that website everyday and just staring at that guitar, haha. It’s an Ibanez, and I hear that’s not a bad brand. The reviews on the guitar all pretty much say the same thing, “awesome quality, awesome price”. I hope things go well. I hope to have this by Christmas time, so I’ve been looking more intently into getting a job. Honestly, I could probably go on and on about how much I want this guitar. Oh, and the price is $199. I figured I’d get an acoustic-electric for financial reasons. If I got a straight up electric, it’d cost more, plus I’d need to get an amp, which runs anywhere from $150-700. So this way, I can play and practice acoustically, then when I get the money, I can get an amp. In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t know how to play bass, or any other guitar for that matter. But with this drive, I’m willing practice everyday. I can imagine coming home after school/work, sitting on my bed, and strumming those strings…

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