Ignorance Is A Contagious Sickness; Where Is The Cure?

I wish there was some sort of vaccine I could inject into those around me, because it kills me. The stereotypes, the states of unknowing, it all kills me. However, please do not view me as infalliable, for I am far from that state. I may make jokes about gender, or stereotypes, but never to offend, I will only make such jokes with people I believe will not take offense to the jokes. But the hate? The intolerance for those around us..because they’re different from us? This has to stop. We are in, not only controversial times, but changing times also. We need to open our minds and listen to others. How can people disagree with each other when they barely know each others’ views? It’s ridiculous, this is the thinking that needs to be stopped. This is what is taking our progression backwards. There’s just so much on my mind, but I don’t know what to say. Gotta go.

2 thoughts on “Ignorance Is A Contagious Sickness; Where Is The Cure?

  1. Like the post, really liked the title. If you can read the post below because it has a lot to do with what you’re talking about right here (ignorance, judgement, prejudice, etc.). To date, it’s still my most visited post.

    What Will You Choose? http://mariasrandomrants.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/

    Be sure to tell me what you think when you get a chance…hope it strikes a nerve, or in the least makes you think and judging by your posts I’ve read so far you definitely like to do that. 🙂

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