This is Madness, and Not the Spartan Kind.

Geez like, me and these bass obsessions are ridiculous. Earlier in a post I said that I wanted to get an Ibanez acoustic electric bass. Well I’ve decided to go semi-all-out and get an electric one. It looks very awesome, not only that, but from what I’ve heard it’s got a nice sound too. The reviews say that it makes as a great beginner guitar, but also good as a back up guitar for a pro. It’s semi expensive (even though compared to others it’s pretty cheap) but almost every review says it’s worth it. But of course since I’m getting an electric guitar, I’ll need an amplifier. Already picked one out, not a bad price. It’s just an “in home” amp, not one for major sound like playing a gig or anything (like I’ll be doing THAT anytime soon). I cannot wait to have it in my possession. Honetly, it’s almost all I thought about for the past few days.

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