“Challenge Pt.2” Winners

Ok, I was gonna post this in the sidebar to the right of my page, but It was too small, and everyone deserves their time to shine. This list will be in order of the first respondents to the last.

1. Jamie; my woman.


Pictured Above: The Wife.

We’ve been dating (technically) for like 4 years (on and off). Our first encounter? The end of 9th grade, we had some of the same friends, and were walking to the bus stop in a group of people. She randomly said “I want a piggy-back ride” and I was like “I’ll do it”. We didn’t even develop conversation until the next year, but those were the very first words said between us. We’ve both matured so much and it’s kind of funny looking back on the years. We both love each other very much, and she’s always taking care of me. She’s says I spoil her but I am the one who is truly spoiled.

Most Awkward/Painful Moment:

We had been dating for a little less than three months when we were sitting in a classroom together, during lunch time, with fellow classmates and the teacher. Anyone who knows her knows she hates all things Dora the Explorer. She says it’s because one of her cousins used to watch it all the time when she would babysit. Well, in high school, she was known to be…kind of violent. Well, as she was sitting on my lap, I started singing a party version of the Dora theme song. She turned to me and said calmly “Khris, don’t do that”. I kept going and she said “Khris, I’m warning you”. She then positioned her kmee between my thighs. I’m thinking, “Hey, I’m her boyfriend, she wouldn’t hit me there, i’ve got like a ‘get out of jail free’ card”. Well, i open my legs a little wider and sing “Da-da-d-d-d-OOF!” It happened. She did it, and had I not been sitting down, it would have leveled me. I limped over to the corner of the room where she followed, apologizing and saying that she warned me, and she’d never do it again. -Sigh-Memories…


2. Jordyn; The clarinet.


Pictured Above; Jordie.

This is a woman who was in my very first class when I started high school. Back when everything was a semi-awkward phase of not doing anything stupid. I knew little of her, and I’m sure she knew nothing of me, but that changed a lot throughout the years. We both ended up in band, and after we were friends, we became “mortal enemies”. For some reason, it was always some beef between the clarinets and the trumpets. I don’t know why, but it always happened, they would complain about our noise level (specifically mine) and I would acknowledge their complaint by playing even louder. It was pretty fun. Not sure how it happened, but we exchanged numbers, and over (9th Grade) summer break, became semi-close. We’d talk on the phone, laugh, tease each other, and have serious conversations. Thats pretty close to my definition of a good friend. We kind of drifted apart since then, but not much. Occasionally I’ll see her outside or harass her on Facebook, you know, the basics.

Most Funny/Awkward Moment:

9th grade military ball. I asked her to go with me, was shot down, and went with some friends. It was a pretty fun night, and I was enjoying myself. A slow song had come on, and me being dateless, went to go sit down. I was replying to a text on my phone when I heard someone call my name. I looked up to see her standing in front of me, and asked me to dance. I agreed, and we made our way to the dance floor. As we were walking, me being in the “welcome-to-puberty” stage I was in, felt like a bum because she asked me to dance. We ALL know it’s supposed to be the guy that asks. So as I’m in my head wondering if I’m the only guy to ever fail as asking the girl, I notice that we’re on the dance floor, and my hands are awkwardly positioned on her shoulders. “WHAT THE EFF KHRIS??” is what ran through my mind. I felt like an effin’ noob. She took my hands and guided them to her waist, and after resting her hands on my shoulders, we began dancing. After getting my whits about me, we slowly moved closer, almost to the point that our cheeks were touching…and then BAM! “Snap Yo Fingers” by Lil Jon comes on. We then proceeded to lean away from each other, and briefly dance to that song, before parting ways. But after all that awkwardness and screwing up, I STILL walked away from that night “like a G”, feeling accomplished.

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