Resolutions For The Revolution.

Happy new year people! How did you ring in the new year? Did ya spend it with friends? Stay at home with family? Get wasted like seemingly 85% of my Facebook friends? Or maybe it was a combination of the options listed? Well, however you brought it in, all that matters is that you were happy while you did it, regardless of the aftermath.

Well, the question that I’ve received the most these past days is (can ya guess? Can ya? CAN YA?!) “What’s your New Year Resolution”? I’ve been answering that I didn’t have any yet, but after some brief thinking of the matter, I figured it out. I decided what I want my New Year resolution to be. My New Year Resolution is…not to have one. “The madness, Khris! We can’t take the madness! When will it end?!” “You fools! It will continue forever!” *insert evil laugh here*

But why is there no Resolution coming from this young man? Well, here’s the “method to my madness”, I feel that we shouldn’t need to have a reason to change or give up a bad habit. This time of year people say that they’re going to quit smoking or quit drinking or get back into shape or bring out a “new” them. Why? Because you’ve done a year of something, and just decided it was wrong and needs change? We shouldn’t limit ourselves to situations to have reasons for self improvement. Yeah, I do have somethings to change. Hell, I have a lot of things to change, but it’s not because another year has passed, it’s because I know I need to improve. It seems every year people say “new year, new me”. It’s the same people, every year, saying the same things. They talk about how “this year” will be “their year”. If you want something, make it yours, don’t wait for a special occasion to complete your goals. The things I intend to improve upon include fitness, school, and sleeping habits. And to end this blog, there is something specific I wish to accomplish, hopefully before October.

I live in Philadelphia, PA, and I would like to record a trip of riding my bike from the top of broad street, to City Hall. You can go to Google and check the distance (I haven’t measured the distance), but I can tell you right now that it’s pretty long. For this trip, I need a camera, bike (which are obvious), and a tripod, to keep the camera stable. Makes almost no sense right? How would I seat a tripod on a bike? That sounds ridiculous! But I wouldn’t be informing you about this if I didn’t have a plan. There’s this thing called a Gorillapod. It’s a tripod, that has bendable legs that can be wrapped/shaped around different surfaces. They have different models of this tripod, and I would like the magnetic one (to ensure it doesn’t fall off the handlebars). I feel this would be quite a cool thing to do, but I need to get in more shape for this. I’ve started riding my bike more, so now I just need to keep up on that, grab the Gorillapod (and a source of hydration for this ride), and I should be good. When the task is completed, I will most likely post a blog about it, and post the video. Well, Happy New Year, and blog ya later.

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