Fickle Fickle Fickle; My Return to Blogging

It’s weird how things work out. The previous two posts here clearly stated that I wouldn’t be back. Well, what’s life without unexpected events?

Well, let’s talk about how I got here.

I was going through some old Facebook posts (circa ~2011), laughing and cringing at my past posts, and I happened to find a link to this blog. I was sure that I deactivated it, but sure enough its still here. Looking at some older posts kind of reminded me why I got into blogging in the first place. An easy and efficient manner to share my thoughts with no one in particular. No pressure to post, no pressure to read, simple words existing on the internet in a particular order. I’ve missed this, so here we are. I’ll continue to use this platform, and keep this blog active as much as I can.


I’m back.

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