Fickle Fickle Fickle; My Return to Blogging

It’s weird how things work out. The previous two posts here clearly stated that I wouldn’t be back. Well, what’s life without unexpected events?

Well, let’s talk about how I got here.

I was going through some old Facebook posts (circa ~2011), laughing and cringing at my past posts, and I happened to find a link to this blog. I was sure that I deactivated it, but sure enough its still here. Looking at some older posts kind of reminded me why I got into blogging in the first place. An easy and efficient manner to share my thoughts with no one in particular. No pressure to post, no pressure to read, simple words existing on the internet in a particular order. I’ve missed this, so here we are. I’ll continue to use this platform, and keep this blog active as much as I can.


I’m back.


Practice Makes Perfect.

So, anyone who actively reads this blog knows that about 3 months ago, I purchased a bass guitar. I’ve played it almost everyday (excluding these past few days, learning the ukulele) and I thought I was ok at the bass, emphasis on “ok”. Like, not that bad, kind of good “ok”. So, my friend plays in a church band, but they are separating soon because their singer/guitarist is moving to florida. He asked me to play in the “farewell concert” they’re having in a few weeks and I said “sure, just don’t expect anything spectacular”. I mean, yeah I can play a few covers but actually doing a show? In front of people I don’t know? Yeah, I wasn’t sure about that.

So today was the first rehearsal, and it got off to a rocky start. Not because I was bad or anything, it’s just that a few people were late because it was cancelled because of the snow, but then an hour later they decided to do it anyway. My friend said that he would teach me the bass parts for the songs we’d be playing, so I wasn’t too worried. Well, we got there, set up, and just went into it. That’s exactly what happened. No one on one “here, Khris, this is your bass line”. Luckily, I knew a little bit about chords and things of that nature, so I caught on, and created my own bassline. They said I wasn’t bad. And that’s pretty much what happened for every song we played. I had to just keep coming up with basslines. I was doing pretty good, or so I was told, but that’s not even where the best part was.

As stated before, this was my first time playing with other musicians, and after we were done rehersing the songs, we had a little jam session. I heard those drums, and my fingers did all the work. I was playing basslines from rock to funk, and it was amazing! I surprised myself so much, and it was so inspiring to play with other musicians. Everything was so natural. We’d all play our own little things and it’d all go together perfectly. The muscles in my hands are a little tight from playing so much, but I don’t even mind. Their words are just hanging in my ears “that bassline is awesome!” “turn that bass up!” “you hear that groove!” And needless to say they were all pretty shocked when they found out I had been playing for less than a year, let alone 3 months.

As a matter of fact, they aren’t even sure if they want the band to break up yet. They said that today sounded so great they want to try to keep it alive. Their singer/guitarist is leaving, but my friend (the one who asked me to play) can replace him on guitar, they have a female that can sing, and they said if they keep it together, they want me on bass, if I’m able to do it. This was a pretty good “first time” practicing with others.

Resolutions For The Revolution.

Happy new year people! How did you ring in the new year? Did ya spend it with friends? Stay at home with family? Get wasted like seemingly 85% of my Facebook friends? Or maybe it was a combination of the options listed? Well, however you brought it in, all that matters is that you were happy while you did it, regardless of the aftermath.

Well, the question that I’ve received the most these past days is (can ya guess? Can ya? CAN YA?!) “What’s your New Year Resolution”? I’ve been answering that I didn’t have any yet, but after some brief thinking of the matter, I figured it out. I decided what I want my New Year resolution to be. My New Year Resolution is…not to have one. “The madness, Khris! We can’t take the madness! When will it end?!” “You fools! It will continue forever!” *insert evil laugh here*

But why is there no Resolution coming from this young man? Well, here’s the “method to my madness”, I feel that we shouldn’t need to have a reason to change or give up a bad habit. This time of year people say that they’re going to quit smoking or quit drinking or get back into shape or bring out a “new” them. Why? Because you’ve done a year of something, and just decided it was wrong and needs change? We shouldn’t limit ourselves to situations to have reasons for self improvement. Yeah, I do have somethings to change. Hell, I have a lot of things to change, but it’s not because another year has passed, it’s because I know I need to improve. It seems every year people say “new year, new me”. It’s the same people, every year, saying the same things. They talk about how “this year” will be “their year”. If you want something, make it yours, don’t wait for a special occasion to complete your goals. The things I intend to improve upon include fitness, school, and sleeping habits. And to end this blog, there is something specific I wish to accomplish, hopefully before October.

I live in Philadelphia, PA, and I would like to record a trip of riding my bike from the top of broad street, to City Hall. You can go to Google and check the distance (I haven’t measured the distance), but I can tell you right now that it’s pretty long. For this trip, I need a camera, bike (which are obvious), and a tripod, to keep the camera stable. Makes almost no sense right? How would I seat a tripod on a bike? That sounds ridiculous! But I wouldn’t be informing you about this if I didn’t have a plan. There’s this thing called a Gorillapod. It’s a tripod, that has bendable legs that can be wrapped/shaped around different surfaces. They have different models of this tripod, and I would like the magnetic one (to ensure it doesn’t fall off the handlebars). I feel this would be quite a cool thing to do, but I need to get in more shape for this. I’ve started riding my bike more, so now I just need to keep up on that, grab the Gorillapod (and a source of hydration for this ride), and I should be good. When the task is completed, I will most likely post a blog about it, and post the video. Well, Happy New Year, and blog ya later.

Happy Christmahanakwanza!

“Well hello there, kiddie, what would you like for Christmas?” “World peace, please.” “Hmm, I think I’ll just get you a Lego set!” Haha, hello everybody. It’s been a while (and by ‘a while’, I mean a really long time) since I’ve posted on here. No excuses, I simply haven’t done it. But I’m here now! And that’s all that matters. So whats trending now? Christmas. Jolly old Saint Nick is revving his engines (uh, reindeer?) and getting ready to take his trips around the world at speeds faster than lightening. So what do I want? (Of course it starts with “what do I want”, we as human beings always want and will only give when we are given.) Well, for a while now, I’ve been thinking of getting an ukulele. Yes, you read that right, an ukulele. “Why an ukulele, Khris? That’s so random.” Be that as it may, idgaf. (refer to this page for the standard definition of “idgaf”) I feel like it would be a fun little instrument to learn, and play around on. And, I specifically want this one:


Yup, a beauty aint it? Now, regarding this, some people, aside from thinking I’m ridiculous for wanting this, think I’ll forget about my bass. I can give you an assured “Heck No!” for that. The bass has been something I’ve wanted to learn for years now, and I don’t plan on stopping after I’ve acquired a ukulele. I want the one pictured above because it’s pretty simple and the reviews say it’s pretty good for its’ price. That being said, I need some songs to play on this! Because honestly, I’ve got this vision in my head of me sitting on a beach, with a group of friends, surrounding a fire, singing together and playing the ukulele. Sounds ‘over-done’ I know, but I’d be down for it. Now comes the part of deciding what to play. Well, I’ve been thinking, and these are certainly some songs I would like to learn:

  • Creep -Radiohead
  • Everybody Wants To Be  Cat – The Aristocats Soundtrack
  • I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  • Hey, Soul Sister – Train
  • Soundtrack To My Life – Kid Cudi
  • Fireflies – Owl City

These are some pretty good songs, but I’m sure there are even more that could be transposed onto the ukulele, if they aren”t already on said instrument. Feel free to comment and let me know of any songs you believe I should check out to learn, or even just check out because they’re awesome. If you haven’t noticed, this blog is a little “rushed” (i.e. lacking in sarcasm and large words) because I have to go to sleep soon. I’ve got to wake up early, dentist appointment for an extraction (fml -__-). Well, blog ya later. (Man, that was probably the cheesiest things I’ve ever said/typed. Although, it did sound kind of catchy. New catch phrase for blogging? Yeah, I think so.)


Oh by the way, Happy Holidays!

Oh Facebook, What’s Next?

Hey, you got a Facebook? Of course you do, everyone does. Are you one of those people who goes to those pages, and like virtually every little saying that comes into contact with you?


Pictured above: Too much time on ones hands.

Just because you feel it in some way relates to you, you have to be apart of it? Yeah, that happens a lot on Facebook. As some may have noticed, there have been multiple instances where some fad on Facebook catches a gust of wind and people get swept up in it. However, most of these fads are for good reason. They’re often to spread awareness or to fight against some disease or sickness. If you’ve been actively keeping track in my blog, you would have noticed that December 1st was World Aids Day, and I even made a post about it. Before that women were saying posting statuses saying where they “like it” to raise breast cancer awareness, and last year, they were giving the color of their bra for the same thing. Well now there is a new Facebook fad sweeping through your news feed.


Pictured Above: Nostalgic Childhood Overdose.

Everyone is changing their picture to that of a childhood cartoon. Why you may ask? Well, after the picture change has been made, it’s usually followed by a status update that reads something similar to:

Change your FB profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood. The goal? To not see a human face on FB until Monday, December 6th. Join the fight against child abuse, copy & paste to your status and invite your friends to do the same“.

So, some how, someway, this is fighting child abuse? I mean, with the breast cancer one, they were just raising awareness. Heck, even with World AIDS day, Starbucks made a video, and for every time it was watched, they donated 5cents to the Global AIDS fund. But changing our display pictures will fight child abuse? I just don’t believe it. I mean, if some credible organization went and publicly announced something like  “For every display picture we come across, we’ll donate money to abused children” or something like that, then sure, that makes sense. But no, in actuality, in the beginning these pictures had NOTHING to do with child abuse.

The internet. What do we know about it? It’s frickin’ huge, that’s what. Things travel from place to place, land and sea, and combined with human error, messages get misconstrued. The whole “Change Your Profile Picture to a Cartoon” thing originated in Greece and Cyprus this past November. One of the original messages (in Greek) roughly translates into this:

From the 16th to the 20th of November, we shall change our profile pictures to our favourite cartoon characters. The purpose of this game is to remove all photos of human for a few days from Facebook“.

So, to sum it up for those who don’t completely understand, this “game” originally started in Greece, but somewhere along the lines got moved to the U.S. and someone just slapped “fight child abuse” on the end of it, most likely to help it gain momentum. The original post about this can found on the website “Know Your Meme”, right here.

With all that being said, I doubt anyone will really shy away from it, even if they do read this post. However, I saw a variation of the message that said “from December 1st to December 31st”. I’m really hoping it doesn’t last that long. Oh, and am I doing this questionable little fad? Well…


Pictured Above: The display picture of a follower. *coughcough*me*coughcough*