Countdown to Half Marathon; Ending.

Well, assuming you’ve loosely been following this blog, you know a few months ago I agreed to run a half marathon in October with my friend. Unfortunately, after the last update I stopped running. Not due to laziness or giving up, but rather to injury.

The last update, I was very pleased with the mileage I had been putting on, and was very optimistic to the future. Shortly after the last run I mentioned in the pervious post, I began having knee pain.
Not “while running” knee pain, but intense general knee pain. If I drove for 20 minutes or more, my knee would start throbbing. Just simply existing brought knee pain, and it only got worse when I moved it. Everything I looked into pointed to an overuse injury; “too much too fast”. I was pretty bummed out, because I really wanted to run the half. I took about a month and a half off for recovery, because it just never stopped hurting.

I’ve recently started running again (~beginning of August) and have been increasing my mileage, even logging a 5 mile run.
Surprisingly (and happily) I’ve had no injuries. My knee doesn’t hurt before, during, or after my runs, I just get exercise fatigue.
That being said, even though I know I won’t be able to run the half marathon that weekend, I’m going to go for the 10k that weekend. That seems a lot more ascertainable, so hopefully everything goes well.

Here’s to hoping my body can hold up for the next 2 months.